Monday, May 29, 2006

Knit Me!

A constantly updated list of all of the pre-move yarn being destashed. Availability will be edited after every sale (next update Tuesday, June 20). Remember to click the pictures for a closeup! E-mail orders should be sent to

What's Available Now (scroll down for full listing):
Baby Loop Mohair--Sold!
Brown Sheep Handpaint Originals
Handspun, Kettle Dyed Merino/Corriedale
Incatops Alpaca
Lang Bambini
Lang Moana
Lang Musica
Variegated Chenille--Sold!
Welcomme Wool

Baby Loop Mohair, a beautiful silky soft mohair loop yarn--this is very similar to
Cherry Tree Hills Baby Loop. This yarn is 100% mohair with nylon binder, 120 yards per approx. 50 gram skein, and would be great for hand dying. Price per skein is $2.25 (reduced from $3.25) or $22 for all 10 skeins (retail is $8.75 per skein).

Available are 10 skeins in Angel (cream white), $2.25 per skein or $22 for all 10:--Sold!

Brown Sheep Handpaint Originals, a very soft blend of 70% mohair, 30% wool spun as a single ply in Mitchell, Nebraska by Brown Sheep Co.

Each skein is 50 grams and 88 yards; average guage is 4.5 sts. per inch. This yarn felts beautifully as well. Each skein of variegated will be $6.99 (reduced from $7.99), solids will be $3.75 (retail is $12 for variegated, $6 for solids).

Available are:

5 skeins of variegated reds/plums/blues/greens--colorway is most likely Sara's Dress (second colorway in the left column of the color index), $7.99 per skein:

15 skeins each of Chestnut (second colorway in the right column) and Cross Country Green (ninth colorway in the right column), $3.75 per skein:

Handspun, Kettle Dyed Merino/Corriedale, super soft 100% wool spun from merino and corriedale fleece and kettled dyed. Each skein is 70 yards of approx. heavy worsted weight wool, 1.75 ounces per skein. Price per skein is $4.25 (a great price for high quality handspun, retail for handspun is $7 to $12 per 1.75 ounce skein or more).

Available are:--Sold!

Incatops Alpaca, a very soft alpaca blend in an elegantly spun sport weight yarn, 60% alpaca, 20% wool, 20% acrylic--great for DK or colorwork. A lot of yardage for a beautiful alpaca sweater or cardigan. Each skein is 50 grams, $2.50 per skein (retail $5+ per skein).

Available are:

10 skeins, Chocolate Swirl (beiges and browns), $2.50 per skein or $24 for all 10:

Lang Bambini is a super soft, easy care 100% cotton yarn, made in Italy for Lang. This is a very high end baby cotton yarn that is machine washable and is recommended for baby clothes and blankets. Each 50 gram skein is individually packaged in a pull skein designed for easy knitting. There are 168 yards per skein of this soft, DK weight cotton, $2.99 per skein (retail price $5.50 per skein) or $28 for each 10 pack:

Available are:

10 Skeins in Sunshine Yellow, $2.99 per skeins, $28 for all 10 skeins:

10 Skeins in Grass Green, $2.99 per skein or $28 for all 10 skeins:

Lang Moana, a soft, super elegant woven mesh ribbon yarn in toned down shummer shades of sky blue, white, and charcoal, made from a soft blend of 50% cotton, 50% acrylic. Each skein is 50 grams, 100 meters per skein, made in Italy for Lang--one of the finest mills in the world. $2.99 per skein or $27.99 for all 10 skeins (retail $7.85 per skein).

Available are 10 skeins in Kite (blue, white, grey), $2.99 per skein or $27.99 for all 10 skeins:

Lang Musica, a favorite yarn for evening wear and super soft wraps, Musica is a fine Italian ribbon yarn that variegates between matte and shiny sections of soft, woven ribbon. Each 50 gram skein contains 125 meters, 50% cotton, 50% polyamide. $2.99 per skein or $27.99 for all 10 skeins (retail $7.85 per skein--this is a fabulous price for a fine Italian ribbon yarn).

Available are 16 skeins in Hibiscus Red, $2.99 per skein or $27.99 for all 10 skeins:

Variegated Chenille, large 160 yard skeins of soft 100% rayon chenille in beautiful variegated colors, $1.25 per approx. 2 ounce skein (retail $4 per skein).

Available are:

10 skeins in Renaissance (beautiful jewel tone bungundies, golds, sapphire blues, and olive greens), $1.25 per skein or $12 for all 10 skeins: Sold!

Welcomme, Le Club de Welcomme, a beautiful, soft 50% wool, 40% acrylic, 10% alpaca yarn in a beautiful true blue color, 50 grams per skein. This is a high quality yarn made in France for a great European company. $2.99 per skein (retail $6.75 per skein) or $27.99 for all 10 skeins.

Available are:

10 skeins in Blue, $2.99 per skein or $27.99 for all 10 skeins:

Aromatic Clears the Studio

Stay tuned for lots of knitting yarn that will be available as the entire studio is cleared out for an upcoming move. Fiber artists will appreciate the deeply discounted silk, alpaca, wool, cotton, linen, and specialty fibers from Lineapiu, Berroco, Tahki, Manos del Uruquay, and other fine mills.

To place orders, email with the brand/type of yarn, the color, and the quantity.


Payment methods accepted are PayPal, money order, and personal check.


Shipping fees charged will be as close to actual shipping as possible. This generally means less than $4.05 for anything under a pound and $8.10 for orders which will fit into a flat rate box.