Monday, May 29, 2006

Knit Me!

A constantly updated list of all of the pre-move yarn being destashed. Availability will be edited after every sale (next update Tuesday, June 20). Remember to click the pictures for a closeup! E-mail orders should be sent to

What's Available Now (scroll down for full listing):
Baby Loop Mohair--Sold!
Brown Sheep Handpaint Originals
Handspun, Kettle Dyed Merino/Corriedale
Incatops Alpaca
Lang Bambini
Lang Moana
Lang Musica
Variegated Chenille--Sold!
Welcomme Wool

Baby Loop Mohair, a beautiful silky soft mohair loop yarn--this is very similar to
Cherry Tree Hills Baby Loop. This yarn is 100% mohair with nylon binder, 120 yards per approx. 50 gram skein, and would be great for hand dying. Price per skein is $2.25 (reduced from $3.25) or $22 for all 10 skeins (retail is $8.75 per skein).

Available are 10 skeins in Angel (cream white), $2.25 per skein or $22 for all 10:--Sold!

Brown Sheep Handpaint Originals, a very soft blend of 70% mohair, 30% wool spun as a single ply in Mitchell, Nebraska by Brown Sheep Co.

Each skein is 50 grams and 88 yards; average guage is 4.5 sts. per inch. This yarn felts beautifully as well. Each skein of variegated will be $6.99 (reduced from $7.99), solids will be $3.75 (retail is $12 for variegated, $6 for solids).

Available are:

5 skeins of variegated reds/plums/blues/greens--colorway is most likely Sara's Dress (second colorway in the left column of the color index), $7.99 per skein:

15 skeins each of Chestnut (second colorway in the right column) and Cross Country Green (ninth colorway in the right column), $3.75 per skein:

Handspun, Kettle Dyed Merino/Corriedale, super soft 100% wool spun from merino and corriedale fleece and kettled dyed. Each skein is 70 yards of approx. heavy worsted weight wool, 1.75 ounces per skein. Price per skein is $4.25 (a great price for high quality handspun, retail for handspun is $7 to $12 per 1.75 ounce skein or more).

Available are:--Sold!

Incatops Alpaca, a very soft alpaca blend in an elegantly spun sport weight yarn, 60% alpaca, 20% wool, 20% acrylic--great for DK or colorwork. A lot of yardage for a beautiful alpaca sweater or cardigan. Each skein is 50 grams, $2.50 per skein (retail $5+ per skein).

Available are:

10 skeins, Chocolate Swirl (beiges and browns), $2.50 per skein or $24 for all 10:

Lang Bambini is a super soft, easy care 100% cotton yarn, made in Italy for Lang. This is a very high end baby cotton yarn that is machine washable and is recommended for baby clothes and blankets. Each 50 gram skein is individually packaged in a pull skein designed for easy knitting. There are 168 yards per skein of this soft, DK weight cotton, $2.99 per skein (retail price $5.50 per skein) or $28 for each 10 pack:

Available are:

10 Skeins in Sunshine Yellow, $2.99 per skeins, $28 for all 10 skeins:

10 Skeins in Grass Green, $2.99 per skein or $28 for all 10 skeins:

Lang Moana, a soft, super elegant woven mesh ribbon yarn in toned down shummer shades of sky blue, white, and charcoal, made from a soft blend of 50% cotton, 50% acrylic. Each skein is 50 grams, 100 meters per skein, made in Italy for Lang--one of the finest mills in the world. $2.99 per skein or $27.99 for all 10 skeins (retail $7.85 per skein).

Available are 10 skeins in Kite (blue, white, grey), $2.99 per skein or $27.99 for all 10 skeins:

Lang Musica, a favorite yarn for evening wear and super soft wraps, Musica is a fine Italian ribbon yarn that variegates between matte and shiny sections of soft, woven ribbon. Each 50 gram skein contains 125 meters, 50% cotton, 50% polyamide. $2.99 per skein or $27.99 for all 10 skeins (retail $7.85 per skein--this is a fabulous price for a fine Italian ribbon yarn).

Available are 16 skeins in Hibiscus Red, $2.99 per skein or $27.99 for all 10 skeins:

Variegated Chenille, large 160 yard skeins of soft 100% rayon chenille in beautiful variegated colors, $1.25 per approx. 2 ounce skein (retail $4 per skein).

Available are:

10 skeins in Renaissance (beautiful jewel tone bungundies, golds, sapphire blues, and olive greens), $1.25 per skein or $12 for all 10 skeins: Sold!

Welcomme, Le Club de Welcomme, a beautiful, soft 50% wool, 40% acrylic, 10% alpaca yarn in a beautiful true blue color, 50 grams per skein. This is a high quality yarn made in France for a great European company. $2.99 per skein (retail $6.75 per skein) or $27.99 for all 10 skeins.

Available are:

10 skeins in Blue, $2.99 per skein or $27.99 for all 10 skeins:


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